Are you overwhelmed with the divorce process?

  • Do you feel like your life just isn't moving forward because of your divorce?
  • Do you have a vision of the life you want for yourself after your divorce?
  • Are you having difficulty creating this vision during your divorce?
  • Before You File For Divorce

    If you are the person planning to get the divorce there are several things to do before you go to the attorney to position yourself for your new life.    I will not be dealing with the abusive relationship in this article.  If your spouse is physically abusive, get out as soon as you can.  Talk with the YWCA women’s abuse center, with abuse centers for women and children, find out as much as you can about the help they can give you.  Take yourself and your children out of harms way as soon as possible.

    For the person that wants a divorce or that has reason to believe that their spouse wants a divorce, NOW, is the time to gather your information.  Gather it quietly, make copies of all the information you will need.  Rent a safety deposit box to put copies of all the papers you will need for the divorce.  Do not hide them in the trunk of your car or in the wheel well where the spare tire is located.  I know a women whose husband realized that their wive was locating assets by the questions they asked and began to search their car, he found the documents and stole them, as well as removing the originals from the home.  Leaving the wife without the information she so desperately needed.

    If you have a home copy machine or fax this will make your job easier.  It is also important to put all documents back in the same order that you found them. Remove the document, copy it and put it in a box, and proceed with the next item.

    You will need copies of all wills, trusts, mortgages, deeds, financial statements, bank statements, credit card statements, loan statements, copies of all medical, health, dental, long term care, auto insurance policies.

    You will need copies of your income tax statements for at least 10 years or the duration of your marriage.  If you signed a prenuptial agreement, you will need a copy of that.  The W2 forms of you and your husband for at l0 years or the duration of the marriage, they should be a part of the IRS taxes you file each year.

    If you or your spouse have copyrights, patents, etc., copy these also. When you are through copying the information, leave enough time to take the information to the safety deposit box.

    It is better to have too much information than not enough.  Copy all of the document not just the parts you think have enough information.