Are you overwhelmed with the divorce process?

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  • Do you have a vision of the life you want for yourself after your divorce?
  • Are you having difficulty creating this vision during your divorce?
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    Roadmap Through Divorce

    I went through a divorce at a time when I was most vulnerable and the least prepared. I had been diagnosed with stage three metastatic breast cancer and my husband of three decades told me he was leaving me. He failed to mention that he had a mistress of long standing, he hid the family money, and had the family home transferred to his name.

    I fought for my life and dealt with the loss of my health, my husband, my house and my mother. The life I had known was gone forever. I was in denial, disbelief and despair. I went through the process, to recover: chemo, radiation, surgery, counseling and divorce. I learned valuable lessons and skills. I drew on my faith and belief in God and myself, and today I am dedicated to helping others go through the process of divorce as quickly and easily as possible.

    I have been an advocate for the widowed or divorced spouse maintaining their health insurance after the death or divorce of the spouse. I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to advocate for this change to protect the divorced person. The insurance lobby in Nashville, Tennessee did not want this to happen. AARP, the Women’s Political Caucus, League of Women Voters and many other organizations did. It was a battle that took five years and resulted in a small change, not what was needed.

    I have been awarded the 50 Women Who Make a Difference award, by the Memphis Magazine in 1998 and again in 2004. I have volunteered tirelessly for others all of my life. I learned, grown and prospered after my husband and I went our separate ways. I have counseled women and men through the difficult road of divorce and have helped them change their lives and their beliefs in themselves helping them to create a beautiful future for themselves.

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